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Planet Terror * Robert Rodriguez * 2007

Planet TerrorI guess this was the first part of “Grindhouse”, since it has a film announcement as part of the film. Rodriguez has some more filmographic jokes in stock. “Planet Terror” is a completely over the top zombie slasher horror, not unlike our local “Horizonica”, but with even more hilarious scenes. In the best scene Quentin Tarantino suffers from a fluid pecker; it has been a long time since I had such a laugh. For the rest of the film, as you may expect, there is little of a story to tell you. This leaves me to repeat that what you get is a gory zombie film with a lot of intestines, exploding zombies, gushing blood and of course beautiful women. This is definately the better part of “Grindhouse”, but a very different film from Tarantino’s.

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