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Dog Day Afternoon * Sidney Lumet (1975)

An oldie. I wonder how it came on my watchlist. “Dog Day Afternoon” is an alright film, but it does not really look like a classic. Well of course there is a very young Al Pacino as main actor, but I wonder what my other criteria were to want to see this film.

Three young men go to rob a bank. This clumsey act goes wrong from the beginning and soon leads to a massive media event in which the gathered audience see one of the crooks (Pacino) as a hero. The ‘plot keeps thickening’ while Sonny enjoys the media attention, has some odd requests and thinks he is going to get away with it all.

Like I said, the film is alright, but does (to me) not really rise above the level of ‘I’ll watch it on TV some time’.

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