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Big Fish * Tim Burton * 2003

Ah, a new Burton. I had just heard about “Big Fish” and a relative already had it on DVD, so… As you may expect from Burton this is not your average film. It is again a fairytale-like film, fairly funny and of course strange. Ed Bloom is a story-telling father who bases his stories on his own adventures, but gives them heavily worked-on to make them more interesting, a bit like the Baron von Münchhausen a few centuries ago. The major story is about the catch of an enormous fish which isn’t really a fish. Funny are the stories of his life; his career in the circus, his friend Karl the Giant, the way he met his wife, etc. In all it became a bit too much a family-film, but still it is very amusing and has some wonderfull jokes and filmographic inventions. Also well-known actors in sometimes unusual parts: Ewan MacGregor (young Ed Bloom), Steve Busceni (Norther Winslow) or Danny de Vito (circus director).

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