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Tomorrowland * Brad Bird (2015)

This huge Hollywood Disney-kid-fantasy-scifi production is actually very amusing. I am not totally sure what group this film aims at. The kids as main characters give the film too much of a teen-feel to me, but the story is relatively complex. Still there is an environmental message for the next generation, so perhaps adolenscents?

A boy and a girl both meet a little girl from the future. The little girl is recruting for something which proves to be a task for the future to prevent something from happening. The little girl’s ways are elusive, strange and elaborate. All this results in an adventure in which George Clooney with his fellow travellers set out to fix the future. This is packed in a descent story and told with a lot of humour, action and a couple of things to think about.

Not bad for a Disney film.

Ah yes, the film is also known under the title “Project T”.

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