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Angel * François Ozon * 2007

AngelAngel Deverell is a teenager who sees herself as the next literary talent. Arrogance herself she does nothing but writing and writing. When she sends her first book to publishers, she is immediately recognised and however even to her future publisher she keeps her arrogant tone. Angel gets her way, becomes the succes she was sure she was and makes an awfull lot of money with her productive writing. She buys her dreamhouse and marries her dreamman. Of course things cannot remain perfect.
I have seen much better films of Ozon. “Angel” is shot in a nice 70’ies “Sissi” style, but everything is a bit too sweet. The story is not too interesting either. For a ‘true Wednesdaynight film’ “Angel” is not bad, but I must admit that I had higher expectations of Ozon.
An alternative title seems to be “The Dreamlife of Angel” by the way.

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