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True Detective (series, season 2) (2016)

I already knew that the second season was going to be different from the first, but this different? Perhaps the novelty is off, the new directors could not uphold the level of Cary Fukunaga or the creators wanted to do something different, but season 2 is by and far not as interesting as the first.

Season 1 was directed by one director, Cary Fukunaga. Season 2 by no less than 6. I had pretty high expectations after the moody first season. Initially the new one was promising too. The opening credits are great with a magnificent song of Leonard Cohen (a bit long though for an intro). The first two episodes are great, they remind of the first season with their slow pace, rumbling soundtrack and brownish colours. The next four episodes are simply police/crime/thiller type of episodes. Actually, they remind of a lot “Intelligence“, but not as good. You get different views of the same story. Three different kinds of (unpopular) investigators work together on a high profile case that turns out to be a snakepit. Each has his/her past and personal and professional problems. The same goes for the other parties involved. This is worked out extensively during the series, so you get not only the solving of a case, but also the ‘soap’ of the opening personalities, especially the darker sides. The last two of the eight episodes are again great with again the slow pace, brownish colours and a hard pressing tension. The lengthy final episode is quite depressing too.

I think in the above you can read that I am slightly disappointed in the second season. Did the creators perhaps target a larger audience? Did Fukunaga make such a big mark that could not be reproduced? New insights? In any case, after a promising start, season 2 is but a descent police thriller series. The two final episodes make up a lot though, but I hope a possible third season will keep the atmosphere throughout the series, not just in the beginning and the end.

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