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The Great Gatsby * Baz Luhrmann (2013)“The Great Gatsby” wonderfully fits in Luhrmann’s curriculum with as most famous titles “Romeo + Juliet” and “Moulin Rouge”. Like in “Romeo + Juliet” there is an original mix of ‘old and new’. In the current title we have a story set in the 1920’ies, but the music is very contemporary. The film has the theatrical atmosphere of “Moulin Rouge” (but is not a musical). It has this slightly surrealistic and comical atmosphere of some Paul Thomas Anderson films, with bright colours, pompous stages and the fairy-like tone of “Big Fish”. Yep, “The Great Gatsby” is a good film.

The main character is Nick who lives accross the water of a well-married friend from his youth. His neighbour is equally rich, this is the “great Gatsby” from the title. Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) approaches Nick for a reason to become obvious during the film. In fact, the reason for it is the reason for all things in Gatsby’s life.

Luhrmann again made a wonderous world, this time of the extremly rich with massive parties and fast cars. He also throws in some criticism of the 1920’ies USA, but in basis the story is a love-story, nothing more, nothing less. “The Great Gatsby” is a very ‘easy’ film. There are no questions, no plot-twists, nothing. The only thing is that is starts as a feel-good-movie, but towards the end becomes less so.

Not the type of film that I need to see all the time, but this one is certainly a good choice when you are looking for light entertainment.

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