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Perder Es Cuestión De Método * Sergio Cabrera * 2005

As this Columbian film opens, it suggests becoming a grim serial killer thriller like Se7en or Saw, but soon it becomes clear this this is more like a British police/crime film. Since these seem to become more grim recently, “Losing is a question of method” fits well in that genre. A journalist is dragged into the investigation of a gruesome murder, but soon the focus shifts to something completely different. In the process the Victor falls in love with the way too young, but beautiful prostitute Quica and drags her into the investigation. The film has a very nice sence of humour and the Southern temperament makes it a good film in a genre that is not really mine. The story and plot shift enough to keep you wondering what everything is all about and however the conclusion is not that strong, this film surely is not a bad watch.

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