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The Secret * Drew Heriot * 2006

The SecretIn our famous five minutes to chose three films, we picked out “The Secret” which seemed like ehm, I don’t know what actually; if it seemed like a Da Vinci Code like film, I think I wouldn’t have picked it out, but it was about a secret that was known way back in the past a to a few in the present. The “film” appears to be some kind of documentary about the “law of attraction” which says that everything that happens to you, you attracted to you yourself. The rich are rich by choice, the poor are poor by choice. A completely over the top New Age documentary with scientists and gurus telling you that you lead your own life and that you can have the car you want and be successfull only by having good thoughts and positive feelings. After 20 minutes of listening to all this, we pulled out the DVD and put on something descent: The Prisoner. I have no clue why a DVD such as this one should be in a videostore.

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