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Pixels * Chris Columbus (2015)

We had to pick something from our poor ‘on demand’ list when a trailer of “Pixels” played on the background. I once saw that trailer and it looked funny, so ‘what the heck’. Boy, what a bad choice…

Contrary to what the trailer suggests, there is not all that much ‘fighting against video games’ in the film. The film starts with 1980’ies kids who discover the “Arcade”, a hall with computer games. A few kids are good at it. Then we jump to the present day where some aliens decide to unleash these old videogames upon the earth. The nerds of old times are flown in to fight the aliens. The ‘big fight’ looks amusing and however I do not recall having played many video games, I recognise many of the games that are used (especially in the closing titles). That, and only that, makes the film bearable.

Besides an amusing Brian Cox (I just rewatched “Manhunter”) and a funny Peter Dinklage, the actors are awfull. On top of that, the humour is not funny, everything is ‘at kids level’ as if the film is meant for 12-years-old (perhaps it is?). I find it really annoying when attempts for jokes are made and they do not work.

Do not watch this, it is a waste of your time.

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