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Ant-Man * Peyton Reed (2015)

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The on demand catalogue of my TV provider already is pretty poor and then I choose a poor title from that catalogue as well…

“Ant-Man” is a Marvel, a comic put to film. Actually it is just another superhero film but without much spectacle or ‘comic-film’ effects. A scientist (Hank Pym, Michael Douglas) invented a machine that can reduce the space between atoms without loosing their original functionality. Having made a suit with that functionality, the wearer can shrink to the size of an ant while using his original powers. Of course bad people have bad plans and the good guys have to prevent the bad guys from doing bad things. You know the story.

The film is not really boring, but neither did I find it very entertaining. It is all pretty predictable and the film has a kids movie atmosphere. Perhaps a film to see a bit from when it happens to be on television, but I would not recommend you to try to see it.

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