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Eastern Promises * David Cronenberg * 2007

Directing veteran Cronenberg has made a nice drama/thriller that opens with a peek into the Russian community on London to slowly shift towards the Russian maffia (or rather Vory V Zakone). The very naive Anna (Naomi Watts) wants to find the family of a young woman who died in childbirth on her shift in the hospital. However Anna is of Russian descent, she fails to recognise the swamp she walks into. The film seems to give a nice idea of the Vory V Zakone and in total is a nice watch. Too bad about the thin ending! The film has some quite brutal scenes by the way.

1 thought on “Eastern Promises * David Cronenberg * 2007”

  1. I agree, the ending was very thin!! I was caught completely off guard by it, and disappointed b/c I really enjoyed it.

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