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Parkland * Peter Landesman (2013)

Just a few days before the commemoration of the assassination of John F. Kennedy I get to see this film about the day that he was shot.

The title refers to the hospital where JFK was brought to and died and where, later the same day, also the man who allegedly shot him (Lee Harvey Oswald) also died after having been shot. “Parkland” is an intense drama which portrays the chaos of that day very well. The number of people in the room where doctors tried to save Kennedy, the pain of Jacky Kennedy and all other people involved, the media running overtime to cover all events, police and secret services trying to find the killer(s) and what happens when the supposed killer is caught.

“Parkland” surely is a good film that shows us the events of 22 November 1963 without making any conclusions. In the process it makes you wonder about the madness and stress of the people involved and how things would go if such a thing happens today.

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