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Rosemary’s Baby * Roman Polanski (1968)

I have seen this classic a few times before and I wanted to see it again because I was under the impression that Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, is in this film in the part of the devil. I had better searched the web before concluding that I had not found LaVey, because it appears to have been but rumours that he was in this film. Still, I think to remember a film in which the man does appear, looking pretty much like himself. Anyone?

“Rosemary’s Baby” is not a waste of time now that LaVey does not seem to be in it though. On the other hand, it is not the masterpiece that some people see in it either.

We follow a young couple who move into an appartment with a history of violence. Soon after Rosemary and Guy move in, things go both bad and well, but the nosy neighbours become even more so when Rosemary gets pregnant. First she follows all advice of her elderly neighbours, but after a while Rosemary discovers that these people are witches and that they, and the rest of their coven, are after Rosemary’s baby.

The story is not really surprising and since the film is pretty old, undoubtely not unheard of either. The atmosphere is alright, Mia Farrow nice to look at and the witches’ scenes are amusing. 136 Minutes of classic suspense. Rewatch when you start to forget about the film.

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