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The Affair Of The Necklace * Charles Shyer (2001)

A film about the early days of the French revolution. We follow Jeanne St. Remy de Valois (Hilary Swank) who goes through great lengths to try to get her family house and estates back after it was confiscated by the crown. Mostly, though, she wants to rehabilitate her familiy’s name. She marries herself into court, but her case does not really make much progress until she runs into Rétaux de Vilette who teaches Jeanne the secret ways of influence.

An oppurtunity occurs using a necklase that queen Marie-Antoinette does not want and national cardinal Louis de Rohan who wants to get back in good terms with the queen. A massive complot takes all actors down and also helps to fire the start of the French revolution.

The reason to get this film was the presence of Count Cagliostry (Christopher Walken). The film does not really make clear his part in the conspiracy and he was acquitted of the charges.

The film makes a nice look into a manipulative part in French history, but remains nothing too much more than a Renaissance drama with some suspense.

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