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Dirty Maria * Takahisa Zeze * 1998

Dirty MariaI hate it when this happens, but I can’t find the original title of this film so/and I can’t find it on IMDb. In any case, Takahisa is supposedly one of the main directors in the so called Japanese “pink (eiga)” genre. I think this is my first encounter with it. The box promises something between soft porn and thriller with that Japanese twist, so I decided to give it a try. “Dirty Maria” begins promising with erotic / very soft porn scenes and a quite a lot of blood. The film develops more towards a twisted drama in which a man and a woman undertake a journey to a health resort high up in the mountains developing a strange relationship. “Dirty Maria” is interesting in the way that Japanese film differs notably from Western and this is a good example of that. The film is a little primitive and doesn’t keep the level it starts with, but overall this is definately not a bad watch. Perhaps I will try to get some other films from this director and/or the genre.

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