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La Grande Bellezza * Paolo Sorrentino (2013)

Jep Gambardella is an aged writer who wrote a very successfull novel 40 years ago bringing him a fame that he still thrives on. Since then he did not write a new book, but lived as a yup among the extremely wealthy of Rome and artistic circles. Every night is a party to Jep and during the days he shows off with his countless contacts and the women he chases. “La Grande Bellezza” (‘the great beauty’) shows the decadent lives of Rome’s upper class.

The film contains many dialogues, those of the intelligent type. Jep proves to have a clear mind and he easily expresses peoples darkest sides. During the film Jep has a growing feeling of the pointlessness of his life and the film that already had a fairly melancholic tone becomes even more so.

“La Grande Bellezza” certainly is a good film with surprising dialogues and uncommon scenes. It is not really my type of film though.

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