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The Deaths Of Ian Stone * Dario Piana * 2007

Ian StoneYesterday I had about 30 seconds to choose two films for this weekend and that in a ‘normal’ video rental (not the arthouse specialised rental that I usually go to). This is the first one. “The Deaths Of Ian Stone”, a promising title, the story on the cover seemed interesting. The film starts very nicely as a dark and grim mystery / thriller / horror; good atmosphere; perhaps a little too ‘teenagy’. The main character has a weird habbit of dying and waking up again. About halfway it becomes a bit too clear why and the film slides towards a more fantasy-like film with some not too strong elements, storyline, credibility and even acting. Some gruesome scenes remain, so I guess in total this film can be labeled as “horror”. The story is quite original and come up with nicely, but could (should) have been worked out a little better. So, after a very promising start, this film suffers a bit from the last part. Not bad at all and an interesting watch though.

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