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Eisenstein * Renny Bartlett * 2000

For some reaon I keep taking out biographical films about artists. This is not consciously and I should pay more attention while choosing, because these films are not the most interesting! “Eisenstein” is about the Russian film director Sergei Eisenstein who was regarded a gifted filmmaker by the authorities after the Russian revolution. For this reason he had relatively much freedom under the regime and he even got to travel Europe and North and South America at state costs. Since he kept having critical views on the regime, his luck didn’t last.
“Eisenstein” is an alright film, based on the life of the director. It shows the early days of filmmaking, particularly in Russia and gives an idea of life in those days. The film is surely not bad or boring, but like I seem to keep saying in this section, it is alright to see on TV some time, but for the rest…?

5 thoughts on “Eisenstein * Renny Bartlett * 2000”

  1. I disagree with you.

    It is a beautifull experimental film, really a the level of its experimental subject. I’ld say its got similarities with Milos Forman’s Amadeus and his film the ghosts of Goya,
    REally worthwhile seeing, whenever you have the opportunity,

    with sincere regards, particularly for yor website
    Jos Demon, Quito, Ecuador

  2. Lee, I just found it on the shelve of a pretty normal DVD rental (not even the specialised ‘better films rental’ that I prefer). I cannot imagine that it will be very hard to find.

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