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Mad Max: Fury Road * George Miller (2015)

Two years ago I felt like rewatching the original Mad Max trilogy. 30 Years after the third part (and 36 after the first!), the original director comes with ‘part 4’. Unfortunately he did/could not get Mel Gibson to play Mad Max.

“Fury Road” opens with the raw and apocalyptic feel of 1985 film, but soon evolves into nothing much more than a road trip through the desert. This time there was no need for Miller to build elaborate cities or Thunderdomes, just some fancy cars and weird characters. Even Mad Max seems to just happen to be present at the events in the film and hardly has the part he had in the original films. It almost looks like Miller wanted to make the weird vehicles again, but did not care too much about a story.

“Fury Road” is not boring and has some amusing findings, but it does not come anywhere near the films of three decades ago.

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