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Code 46 * Michael Winterbottom * 2003

A completely different film than “24 Hour Party People” which is from the same director. In the (near) future people live in cities and outcasts live “outside”. People have to have “warrants” for everything and there are forgeries going around. William is sent to Shanghai to investigate the fraud and falls in love with his suspect which eventually leads into problems with the totalitarian system that society is made off in those days. The red line of the film isn’t even that bad, the film itself is alright; it has a good atmosphere and the acting is fine. Irritating are the passionate love-scenes-with-cloths-on and the completely forced “future feeling” that supposedly should be made with throwing different languages through eachother. “Code 46” is alright to watch on tv on an evening that you have nothing to do, but there are better films to see.

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