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Terminator Genisys * Alan Taylor (2015)

“Terminator Genisys” was as much fun as the first two Terminator films (from 1984 and 1991) back in the days. Perhaps it is for the better that I did not yet know that “Genisys” is not exactly part three. Only now do I see that there has been a part 3 in 2003 (different director, but with Schwarzenegger) and a 4 in 2009 (again a different director and no Schwarzenegger).

Action is not really my genre, but we felt like seeing a film on the big screen and “Terminator Genisys” seemed like an option. It sure was! The film is great fun, perhaps even more so for people who know the old films to which dozens of references are made. Also Schwarzenegger is back acting like we like him and the writers of the film even managed to write his growing age into the story.
This story revolves around the first two films (and perhaps the other two, but I cannot say anything about that) -which is well done-, but also has a story of its own. Not the most brilliant story, but is functions as a rack for typical Terminator action with fluid robots, car chases, shootouts and exploding helicopters. The 3D did not add much, but the big screen probably added to the fun.

Not a film that you have to see on the big screen, but when you like the good old Terminator films, you might enjoy this latest Schwarzenegger too.

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