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Hvordan Vi Slipper Af Med De Andre * Anders Rønnow Klarlund * 2007

How To Get Rid Of The OthersDamn, these Danes sure make films on the edge, black comedy with a political twist. “How To Get Rid Of The Others” sure is another step further than for example “Adam’s Apples” that I reviewed some time ago. “Slipper Af Med De Andre” is of an to me unknown director and has a story that is a fist in the face of the Danish social system. The government has decided to get rid of everybody who costs the state more than is gained from this person, so in a holiday period, people living on welfare, alcoholics, leftwing rebels, etc. are arrested, taken to an empty school builing and interrogated. If they can’t come up with anything that they did for society, they are executed. Quite a story indeed! And should you think that I gave away the film, don’t worry, this is only the information that you can find on the box. The film opens with a magnificent scene that sets the tone for an hour-and-a-half full of harsch humour, Scandinavian filmographic maddness, sharp dialogues and most of all, very real-life characters. The film is so on the edge that I sometimes wondered if it was still meant to be a comedy. You sure have to have some sick sense of humour to appreciate a film like this! I like these Danes looking for the borders, but I do wonder how far the next border-pushing-story will go.

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