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Source Code * Duncan Jones (2011)

Ah yes, another scifi with a difficult story. Perhaps I had better seen this film of Duncan “Moon” Jones when it came out. Now it is pretty much overshadowed by similar films such as “Transcendence“, “Oblivion“, “Interstellar“, “Sunshine” and especially “Edge of Tomorrow“. The story is quite a bit like that of the latter title.

In “Source Code” an elaborate theory is worked out to explain how a soldier kan keep repeating eight minutes in a train to find the person who bombed it. The result has some obvious similarities with “Edge of Tomorrow” (or actually the other way around of course) which works with a similar theme.

I actually find the title of the film and the concept that is given the term “source code” the weaker part of the film. The eight minute repeat is worked out well enough, however there are no surprises in the story.

A film to see if you cannot get enough of the ‘difficult’ scifi genre (because that is what is becomes with so many titles).

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