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Capote * Bennett Miller * 2005

When in Kansas a family is found brutally murdered, the eccentric Truman Capota goes down to write an article for a news magazine. After finally getting foot in the closed community and even getting in contact with the suspects, Capote decides that there is enough material for a book.
The film has an original story and an original viewpoint from which it is told. Capote has to manoeuvre between several people who are connected with his book which doesn’t make the situation easier. Philip S. Hoffman gives a nice piece of acting in a role that reminds a bit of “Magnolia” and he manages to put things thus, that it is easy to understand both his allies and his opponents. In a way you can say that this is a psychological film, playing around a murder. Just like the recently reviewed “Stupeur et Tremblements”, this film shows the writing of a book that is actually for sale.
A nice film if you are looking for a good drama.

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