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Goto l’Île d’Amour * Walerian Borowczyk * 1968

The box was a bit more promising than the film makes true, but “Goto, Island of Love” is indeed a strange classic. It is shot in black and white, but there is colour in a few scenes and both the setting, the story and the characters are quite absurdistic. The film plays on an island called Goto that was lost in the sea for 90% during a historical disaster. Since then three rulers called Goto formed some kind of dictatorship that reminds of far Eastern communism. Some subjects try to flee from the regime, others try to turn it into their own advantage. The result is a weird film that reminds of the old silent films in ways of filming, of the Franco parts of El Laberinto del Fauno in story and the sexually daring Southern European films of the same time, the box even says “Kafka-esque and bizarre!”. Of course it is old, but alright and nicely strange.

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