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Trance * Danny Boyle (2013)

Aha, sent me two Danny Boyle films, the not too great “Sunshine” which I apparently forgot I already saw and “Trance”.

Unfortunately “Trance” is not a too great film either… Starting as a fairly standard crime thriller about a stolen painting, the film goes towards somthing of an “Inception“-like story when the main character receives hypno-therapy to find out where he hid the stolen painting. The story makes the obliged twists and turns while Franck (one of the lesser parts of Vincent Cassel) and his buddies try to find the information that they are looking for with the help of the beautiful hypno-therapist Elizabeth (Rosario Dawson, Gail in “Sin City“). I shall not tell you anything more lest you would want to see the film. It is not that good though, so if you are going to watch it, is up to you.

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