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The Freemason * Sohrab Mirmont (2013)

When I heard about this film, I wondered if a film with such a title would bring anything new to the ‘evil Freemasons conspiracy’ genre. When I set out to try to see it, I found out that this is actually not a Hollywood production, but an independently produced film only available from the creators and through Amazon. That, of course, made the question even more relevant.

“A wealthy banker lies ritualistically and brutally murdered.” Thus open the lines trying you to convince you to buy the film. Nothing new… The opening titles also refer to the big secret and the keeping thereof. What follows is a fairly standard crime thriller in which a police officer, a private detective and the daughter of the murdered man try to find the killer. Much emphasis is laid on the deceased’s membership of ‘the order’ and the investigation needs a lot of digging into Freemasonry. In this way the creators found ways to present the fairly standard, but nonetheless the fairly standard answers of Freemasonry, to questions about the secret (only the experience of the individual members), how to join (ask one) and the explanation of some of the symbols. Some scenes are filmed within a lodge and even during rites, but they clevery give an idea without showing anything. This might suggest that some Masons created a film (or helped to create) in which they, for a change, are not entirely put down as evil conspirators. The film also taps into a few popular ideas about the brotherhood though, so I am not sure ‘which side’ the film tries to show.

The result is an alright, but not too good, thriller with some peeks into the organisation about which so much is written.

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