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An Inconvenient Thruth * Davis Guggenheim * 2006

An Inconvenient ThruthI probably would not have seen this documentary yet, should my girlfriend not have received it as a december surprise of her employer. I suppose you all know about this Al Gore film which tells about global warming, so let me stick to my conclusions. “An Inconvenient Thruth” is a report of one of the many lectures that Gore gave on the subject. Most of the time you see Gore talking, while I expected to be flooded with footage of disasters. Of course these are there, but Gore decided to get his message across another way. The fact that the film is mostly a lecture on DVD makes it rather dull. Put between, are quite superfluous scenes with personal pieces of Al Gore which are even more boring. The strength of the documentary is not as much the way it is put together, but Gore’s story. He gives a staggering amount of information, comparisons, investigations, facts and numbers; much of it I had seen in one form or another, some I had not. Gore picks in to the easy responds of sceptics and brings an “inconveniently” strong story. Also he shows some sollutions and tells us that they are not only within the possibilities of today, but also within current interest (being: economic growth). This perhaps is all nothing new for us ‘common men’ (who also get a few tips), but fortunately this film gets so much attention that finally the subject gets put on ‘big’ agendas. Whether you agree with Gore’s theories or not (but see the film before you pass your judgement), he sure can be praised for that.

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