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As Above, So Below * John Erick Dowdle (2014)

A not too convincing attempt to bring a Dan Brown-like story to a Blair Witch-like horror.

The gorgeous investigator Scarlett continues her father’s search for the philosopher’s stone. In a Da Vinci Code-like pursuit she concludes that the philosopher’s stone can be found below the gravestone of Nicholas Flamel (1340-1480) (in whose tomb they find a drawing of Eliphas Levi (1810-1875)). To get there she descends with a group of explorers into the catacombs below the city of Paris. Using shallow alchemical and hermetical symbolism (“above above, so below” means: ‘a door on the ceiling, means a door in the floor’) Scarlett and her group go through the haunted maze that lays below the city. The adventure is pretty predictable, the atmosphere not always as pressing as intended and the Blair Witch-like camera work is not used all the way through.

Just an occult horror with a semi-interesting story. Not boring, but nothing that needs to get up high on your wishlist either.

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