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Puppylove * Delphine Lehericey (2013)

IMDb.comWhen this film came out I read that the soundtrack was made by ‘riot grrl’ band Soldout. Curious what film Soldout would lend their name to and what director would have Soldout for the music, the film came on my wishlist. It took two years before the film was made available on DVD. “Puppylove” proves to be a nothing-new coming-of-age film, but not a bad one.

We mostly follow the adolescent Diane who lives with her father and little brother. When Julia comes to live next door, the two get along well. Julia is slighly older and very sexually active, thus speeding up Diane’s adolescence.

The story is nothing that we have never seen and the music is just nice, but like I said, “Puppylove” is an alright film about youth.

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