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Atanarjuat, the fast runner * Zacharias Kunuk * 2001

This film has played in the local filmhouse for a fairly long time, but it had to take until it was shown on TV before I saw it. Atanarjuat is one of these films being a crossbreed between film and documentary about a small group from a culture we know little about. Just think about ‘Once Were Warriors’ about Maori’s, ‘Die Salzmänner Von Tibet’ about Tibetans and films like that. “Atanarjuat” is about an Eskimo/Inuit tribe who live together during the winter, but go separate ways during the summer. They don’t do much more than hunt, but you also get an idea of the social structures. Also the story itself is said to be an Inuit myth about an evil spirit. The film is fairly long (2,5 hours), but enjoyable, informative and funny. I will not say anything about the story. The film is mostly to create an atmosphere anyway, so…

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