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There Will Be Blood * Paul Thomas Anderson (2007)

With such a title you might not expect a drama. However the film is certainly not bad, this is a P.T. Anderson that I do not really like. “There Will Be Blood” has the emotion of a documentary and in a way, that is just what this film is.

We follow Daniel Plainview, “an oil man”. In the USA somewhere around 1900 people discover that there is oil in the ground and start to find ways to get it out. Plainview is very good at this and is soon one of the wealthiest men of the continent. He seems mostly interested in success though and however he also has a ‘social antenna’ (he builds schools and brings general wellfare to the places where he starts businesses) his major concern is nothing more than being better than the rest.

The film gives a nice view on the early days of the American economic growth, but besides being a good history lesson, the film is not all that enjoyable.

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