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Storie Di Ordinaria Follia * Marco Ferreri * 1981

Tales of Ordinary Madness“Tales Of Ordinary Madness” is a classic that is rereleased on DVD. It is an Italian/French film, but spoken in English and it also plays in the United States. Charles is a poet who finds his inspiration in drinks and “the squalid underbelly of Hollywood”. He is usually completely drunk and on the hunt for a woman. We see his weird sexual preferences, commented by his own voice. When he runs into the beautiful suicidal prostitute Cass, Charles thinks he has found his soulmate, but Cass is 10x more destructive than himself.
“Storie Di Ordinaria Follia” is what we nowadays would call an arthouse film, but it is as much a drama that gives an insight in the lives of people at the bottom of society in the American cities LA, Hollywood and New York. For the time, I think the film is quite daring and explicit, but I don’t believe that nowadays people will be much surprised. The cover promises a dark film, but personally I find it just an alright old, heavy drama with grim humour and an erotic touch.

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