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Incendies * Denis Villeneuve (2010)

  • drama

I do not remember how this film came on my to-see list. It is not really my preferred genre; drama. A pretty heavy drama too, but a painfully good film.

A pair of Canadian twins’ mother dies and on reading her will, their mother asks her children to find their father and brother and give them letters that she wrote. The son, obviously annoyed by his mother’s upbringing, declines, the daughter sets out to the Middle East (Syria I think) to find her mother’s roots and hence her father and her brother. This proves to be quite an ordeal in a land where Christians and Muslims lived in peace until the time of the mother when a dirty and bloody war was fought.

The film shows the story of the mother and how she first became a disgrace to her family and then ended up in prison. The daughter slowly finds the information she is looking for and after her brother came over to join her search, the story makes an awfull circle.

The film shows the Middle Eastern wars and effects of it on a very personal level. The extraordinary harsch lives of people living in the desert. Unfortunately the film is as actual today at it was in the time the mother from this film lived.

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