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Transcendence * Wally Pfister (2014)

And another scifi with an elaborate story. Groups of scientists are working on artificial intelligence. A group of activists sees the dangers of this development and do they best to prevent the scientists from reaching their goals. A rapidly working couple are Will and Evelyn Caster (Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall) who have created a super computer connected to the internet. Will gets injured during an attack and his wife continues their efforts with a far-reaching method.

“Transcendence” shows the dangers of AI that not only have almost unlimited calculating powers and access to information (due to the internet), but also (self-)awareness. Even when the AI system tries to do good, this does not mean that the results will be good for mankind. Unlikely alliances are forged to fight the AI system.

The film is quite good and at points though-provoking. The story is not as hard to follow as films that Christopher Nolan directed and Wally Pfister cooperated rather than the other way around as this time, so I guess this Johnny Depp may appeal to a larger audience.

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