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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For * Frank Miller & Robert Rodriguez (2014)

In 2005 “Sin City” blew me away. The author of the comics joined action-director Rodriguez to make one of the most originally filmed films ever; a film that looks like an comic. High contrast black and white with only here and there colour, shots that would have never been used that way in a ‘normal’ film, but that are very recognisable for a comic. Miller performed the same trick later with “The Spirit” (2008) and Russel Mullcay copied the style with “Give ’em Hell Malone” (2009). So what would the original creators of ‘the style’ do 9 years later?

Of course the novelty is gone, so there are little surprises in “A Dame To Kill For”. Many characters are the same, the story is roughly comparable to the first film. All known elements are there. Over-the-top violence, beautifull women-with-guns, comic-action, stories that run through (or next to) eachother, etc. “A Dame To Kill For” is again entertaining, but if you have not yet seen the original, I suggest you first watch that one. When you, like me, have known the other titles for long, “A Dame To Kill For” is a nice for-old-times-sake film.

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