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Edge Of Tomorrow * Doug Liman (2014)

Ain’t that somethin’? Another ‘mind-bending’ scifi spectacle with Tom Cruise that I saw ‘by accident’ and again the film is pretty entertaining. Perhaps I should revise my view on Cruise?

Mankinds fights an alien occupying force for which again that Matrix-like humanoid robot form is used. Tom Cruise ends up in a final battle that can only be lost. Then we are all back to square one.

The story is not as complicated as that of “Interstellar” or “Oblivion”, but the first time ‘that typical thing’ happens it is surprising nonetheless (try to watch the film without knowing). This element is worked out nicely with good placed jokes and a slowly evolving storyline. There is plenty to enjoy for lovers of scifi action. The “minics” look a bit too much like the Matrix “sentinels” but a bit more evil.

Funny, thoughtful and nicely executed. A nice film to see when you feel like scifi action.

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