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Mahiha Ashegh Mishavand * Ali Raffi * 2005

When Fish Fall In Lovewhen fish fall in love
Aziz has been in prison and travelling around for many years, but eventually he returns to his small hometown. He meets all his old friends, but initially avoids his wife. Of course she heard about her husbands return and fears that he will come to claim his possessions, including the house in which she meanwhile built a well-running restaurant. To me it isn’t entirely clear if Aziz changed his mind or that he had good intentions from the start, but he silently works for some surprises in the family.
It is said that “When Fish Fall In Love” is a film about food, but personally I don’t think that this plays a too big role. It is more like a simple story and a charming view of daily life in a small, Afghan town.

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