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Any Way The Wind Blows * Tom Barman * 2003

I probably heard about this second film of the singer of the Belgian popband dEUS, but for some reason I hadn’t seen it. Shame on me! This film is really wonderfull! There is no story, no plot or anything, just scenes of people who on first sight have nothing incommon, but who all end up at the same party after which everyone goes their own way. “A friday in june” is all you get. Everything happens on one day with no background information, flashbacks and you also don’t know what happens after this day, even though one element could have become a plot or storyline. You only get to see the lifes of individuals living in Antwerpen. Youngsters paste posters of music-events throughout town and get caught by the police, a teacher French has problems with his wife, a girl’s father just died and she seeks comfort with her brother, etc. There is one ‘unreal’ element in the film, which is the “windman”, but I will leave it to you to find out how he got this name. The film has a nice speed, contains all kinds of music and shows the (drug-influenced) life of youngsters in the city of Antwerpen. If you know the city and its inhabitents, the film somehow gives a familiar view of Antwerpen and its atmosphere. A very pleasent watch!

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