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Night Stalker (series 2005/6)

A theme song by Philip Glass and Frank Spotnitz as writer/producer. Frank Spotnitz, wasn’t that…? Right, the X-Files! It is said that originally Mark Snow was asked for the music in the episodes, but things ran differently. The X-Files, obviously! However the series are based on a 1974 series and the original main character appears in the pilot, “Night Stalker” watches like a not too great variation on the X-Files.

Carl Kolchak is a reporter for a local newspaper and he has some wild theories and weird cases that remind too much of X-Files episodes. Kolchak is even partnered with the down-to-earth Perri Reed (the gorgeous Gabrielle Union). Just as in the X-Files the episodes (of which there are ten) stand on their own, but Kolchak’s past forms a red thread through his investigations. The series contain some moody scenes, but overall the storylines are too thin, worn out or unconvincing.

Nothing to place high up on your wish list.

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