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De Eetclub * Robert Jan Westdijk (2010)

A Dutch film that seems to get (fairly) positive reviews of film critics, but less so of viewers. The latter might be explained by the fact that most actors are known for playing in soap operas so viewers who picked this film for the actors might not be used to see a film they have to think about. Also the director’s earlier films do not suggest anything ‘difficult’. Not that the film is anything like the popular cut-up stories with endlessly changing plots, but indeed, you have to pay some attention to follow the unfolding story.

Karen and Michel move to an expensive neighbourhood. Michel has his own IT-company that apparently allows him to join the leagues of the rich and famous. Karen is soon asked to join the dinner club from the title, a group of women of rich men who frequently come together to cook, talk and gossip. Including the men, the dinner club at first seems a tight group of friends, but soon it becomes clear that the relations are not that friendly.

The story may not be very surprising, but it is well put together and develops nicely. For the most part the acting is good, but some actors (towards the end some more) have that (unfortunately) typical Dutch, stiff way of acting. The film is presented as a thriller, but the first three quarters are more like a soap and towards the end the tension is raised.

“De Eetclub” is not a bad film, but I am afraid that I have to say that it neither is a good one. My countrymates and film seems to remain a not too fortunate combination.

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