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eXistenZ * David Cronenberg (2009)

IMDb.comDid I see this film before I started to do reviews? I remember “eXistenZ” as a nice Cronenberg, but not his best. Seeing it again, this conclusion stands. The film is in the ‘old style’, the “body horror” style, of Cronenberg. Gruely looking, semi-living artifacts and a dirty step in technology combined with surgery. The title of the film is a game in which the players Matrix-like plug in to. The players find themselves into a virtual world with an unknown asignment. The game-economy is booming, so the author of eXistenZ is hunted after. Another reason for this is (I suppose) that not everybody likes what Allegra is doing with her games.

The film has a lot of Cronenberg elements, a good atmosphere and a descent story. Indeed, not his best work, but certainly worth the watch if you like his ‘old style’.

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