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Her * Spike Jonze (2013)

“Her” plays in a near future where technology is just a little futher than today. It is a psychological and romantic drama, but the most notable element is that the woman is an “operating system” (actually she is more an “app” to me). Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) installs software for his computer, but he can actually talk to it. Besides notificating him about emails, organising them, etc. Theodore has conversations with his rapidly self-improving computer (which is connected to the internet of course). Soon it tells jokes and even develops feelings and emotions, the ability to compose music and Theodore starts to fall in love with the perfect woman.

The drama and romance work upto a certain level, but after a while things start to become increasingly less credible. The odd situation is used well to show some psychological aspects of relationships, but overall I did not find the story really convincing.

Not a bad film though, but not as good (to me) as some people want you to believe.

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