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Zodiac * David Fincher (2007)

A film about the serial killer that called himself Zodiac from David Fincher whom we all known for films such as “Se7en”, “Fight Club” and “The Strange Case Of Benjamin Button”. Ficher took over 2,5 hours to tell the story of the killer of whom it is not with certainty known who he was. The film is based on the book by Robert Graysmith. Actually, the film is about how Graysmith wrote his book.
Graysmith was a cartoonist for one of the newspapers that received information of the media-horny Zodiac killer. Even when the Zodiac became less active, Graysmith continued his investigations.
The first part of the film is a thriller. We see the Zodiac performing his hideous crimes. Lateron the focus shifts more to the investigations and then to Graysmith. Obvious is the despair of not being able to find and catch the killer. The film has a good atmosphere and gives an interesting insight into a gruely story.

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