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Black Mirror * Charlie Brooker (series 2011, 2013)

Two seasons, three episodes each. That is not quite what we think of when we hear “series”. Furthermore the episodes are not ‘serial’. Each episode stands on its own, with its own story, actors, etc. The episodes are very different, but the red thead throughout the series is technology. The creators really try to make you think about technology.

The first episode is rather weak. The prime minister is blackmailed by a Youtube terrorist. The next episode is very futuristic and an indictment against Idols-like ‘meat inspections’ and the hollowness of modern media. In the last episode of the first season we follow people who have a chip inserted in their brain that records everything they experience with the possibility to look it back.
In the first episode of the second season a woman replaces her deceased boyfriend by advanced technology. In the second episode a young woman is filmed by bystanders when she tries to escape a murderer. The last episode features the animated bear Waldo who unintentionally gets involved in politics.
The different episodes are not particularly good. Some are better than others, but overall this is ‘filmographically’ not a must-see. The creaters did take the liberty to experiment with stories and filming which does make “Black Mirror” an interesting experiment. Also the way technology and the way we use it is presented, something very recognisable, sometimes understandable, does put a magnifying glass on it and indeed may make you think about some things.
The IMDb page seems to suggest that there will be more episodes, but the 2014 season is (as of yet) completely empty.

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