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Death Of A President * Gabriel Range * 2006

In this fake documentary a report is given of the assassination president George W. Bush on October 19 2007. The film is made with real images (there are no actors who play Bush or Cheney) and played interviews and footage. The big issues of Al Quada, human rights, immigration, disgruntled veterans, the hatred towards Bush and his policies, militant anarchist groups, etc. aren’t shunned which supposedly makes this film “the most controversial film of the year”. Well, if the incident would have been real, this would have been a CNN (or so) documentary, but now it is all about what could be. I haven’t decided if the subject should be regarded as being political or if this fake documentary is able of making its point, but if an American documentary about a subject like this would have turned out like “Death Of A President” I would have found it to be surprisingly balanced. As project the film is well done, because the whole film I have been trying to find out if Bush was Bush or an actor and now that I know that there was no actor (judging, I must say that things are put together very well. Not really a film, not really a documentary, but maybe it is some kind of documentary about how things are in the USA right now and how they could become if a thing like this happened.

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