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The Cabin in the Woods * Drew Goddard (2012)

The box and IMDb suggests this to be a “mystery” and the cover suggests that much, but do not put your money on that! “The Cabin In The Woods” is mostly just another teen-horror-slasher in which a group of youngsters go to a cabin in the woods in order to be brutally slain.
From the beginning there is an uncommon and somewhat sick element that is worked out in a bit too silly way and this does not really raise the film above the teen-slash-horror genre and everything goes very predictable, not unamusing though. Then towards the end two characters open a Pandora’s box which allows the director to pull off every single horror cliché from the shelves and throw in his entire special effects budget. These 20 minutes are highly entertaining.
The film closes with the obligatory ‘intelligent twist’ that should explain all that happened before. Man, what a drag.
Anyways, certainly not a good film, but it is not boring and has one good part.

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