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Wanted * Timur Bekmambetov (2008)

So I wanted to watch some mindless action spectacle. Well, I succeeded a bit better than I expected. What is worse, “Wanted” pretends to have some intellectual storyline which is so laughable that it takes down the spectacle.
Some ancient fraternity of weavers consists of people who can see (and act) much faster than normal people and are therefor able to do spectacular things. The “fraternity” became a kiling machine acting in the name of fate. Some dull office boy is hired and trained in a Neo-like way.
The spectacle comes in stop-motion killings, ‘bent shooting’ and foxy Anglina Jolie. The action is so much over-the-top that it becomes dull here and there and the weak story does not really help. Jolie is nice to watch and here and there you can see some funny things, but overall the film is pretty damn weak.

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