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American Splendor * Shari Springer Berman (2003)

Harvey Pekar is a clerk who at an advanced age finds out that he can write comics. He had been collecting them all his life and he cannot draw anything himself, but he writes the comic and has somebody else draw it out. His comics are about his own life, boring and problemetic as he is. The comic becomes successfull and Pekar well-known, but the fame does not come with money and Pekar grows allergic to media. In the film different things start to run through eachother. We see Pekar played by Paul Giamatti, but he is also in the film himself. Actually, as he started to make comics about himself, they were turned into a play and later a book that was reworked to the film that we watch and all this is in Berman’s film. The film parts are often ‘comic like’ with though-clouds and commentary. The film has that comical-dramatic feel that we see more in films of the same time. It is original in its makeup and enjoyable to see.

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